About Our First Recipient: Save Our Schools Network

About Our First Recipient: Save Our Schools Network

For our very first donation recipient, I am proud to announce that 10% of our quarterly profits will go to Save Our Schools Network.

Comprised of various non-government organizations (NGOs), Save Our Schools Network's mission is to support and protect Filipino children's right to education, especially children from communities and indigenous tribes suffering from constant military attacks.

Currently, the group's focus is to sustain the last standing Lumad school in the Philippines. Lumads are indigenous tribes located in Southern Philippines, where their ancestral lands are situated but are often the target of corporate plunder and militarization. As a result, many of them are forced to leave their lands, which gravely compromise their livelihood, security, and their children's education. In response to this, the Lumad Bakwit School was born. A mobile school for Lumad children, the Lumad Bakwit School aims to educate the Filipinos and the world of the current state of Lumad children as well as provide them much-needed learning opportunities. Their plight has been well-documented in the film Bullet-Laced Dreams, which has been awarded The Unicef Prize for its visceral depiction of Lumad children's struggle as they fight for their right to education.

If you want to personally donate to Save Our Schools Network's mission, you can go here.

Maraming salamat po (thank you very much)!

Image Credit: Save Our Schools Network

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